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Senior Programmer

Nival Interactive

2003 – 2007

Moscow, Russia


● Participated in development of several international AAA PC game titles: Blitzkrieg 2 (in credits), Heroes of Might and Magic 5 (in credits), unannounced projects.
● Worked on key AI components for various gameplay concepts, unit behavior, unit abilities, game object construction.
● Developed UI and UX features for main gameplay process and supplementary UIs.
● Worked on the art/design asset pipeline and the game asset editor.
● Designed the computer player concept and work logic.
● Interacted with artists and designers to capture requirements for implementation as code features.
● Developed a P2P time-synchronization system for the multiplayer game mode from scratch and rewrote all of legacy multiplayer components.
● Developed the client-side components, from logic to UI, for random and tournament matchmaking.
● Monitored and debugged game engine synchronization issues; developed a semi-automated system for tracking/debugging of synchronization issues.
● Adapted the multiplayer components for use in a different project.
● Used and maintained publisher-provided client-side matchmaking components to ensure reliable connection and utilization of the publisher’s matchmaking/community services.
● Responsible for integration and use of third-party copy-protection software (StarForce, SecuROM) during the product release process.
● Profiled and optimized game code (game logic, UI, network).
● Was acting team lead for a programming team of 10+ developers for two months during release stretch, providing workload distribution and feature prioritization.
● Was team lead for the game patching project of 3-5 developers after the product release, facilitating development and release of several game patches, including major bug fix and new features.


● C++
● SourceSafe
● SubVersion
● Perforce
● StarForce
● SecuROM
● Rational Rose


● Scrum
● Versioning
● Patching
● Debug
● Optimization
● Creative Interaction



Nival Network aquired Nival Interactive in April 2011. United company operates under the name brand “Nival”. Nival Interactive was a leading international game developer of strategy and role-playing games for PC and other platforms with offices in Moscow (Russia), Yekaterinburg (Russia) and Hallandale (Florida). Over the past decade Nival Interactive has developed more than 15 high quality and internationally successful games, including Heroes of Might & Magic V, Blitzkrieg, Silent Storm, Etherlords and Allods (Rage of Mages, Evil Islands) series.